Toronto 2015 PanamaniaTO2015 and its Arts and Culture team created a commission fund to seed new and innovative arts and arts-legacy projects related to the TORONTO 2015 Pan and Parapan American Games. These are unique and innovative artistic concepts that align with the TO2015 mandate and ultimately enhance the cultural fabric of both the Greater Golden Horseshoe region and the TORONTO 2015 Pan and Parapan Am Games experience. More than 25 exciting projects have been selected; for more details click here.

Our vision for Cuttin’ Style Caribbean is a series of exceptional, sophisticated Caribbean-themed events. We will produce a series of highly original fashion-oriented events aimed at showcasing the sophistication and refinement of “island wear” and Caribbean fashion.  We will create a new exciting way of exploring and celebrating the many gifts of the people of the Caribbean, through fashion.  Millions will experience a unique perspective – the most exquisite side and the finest expression of Caribbean elegance.  Also, we will engage the Caribbean design, fashion and business communities in a productive way and advance cultural awareness of the Caribbean countries.