Miranda Askie – Antigua

Miranda AskieBorn on the island of Dominica, Miranda has always been surrounded by nature beautiful rivers. At a tender age Miranda moved to Antigua & Barbuda, the homeland of her father, where she was captivated by the gorgeous white sandy beaches, turquoise colors and beautiful corals. She has been inspired by these changing colors of the earth, a variety of music, and it was these constant changes that have strongly influenced her creativity.

Miranda considers herself to be a versatile creative mind. Having been involved in numerous art and fashion business sectors as a jewelry designer, her prior experience as fashion model enables her to appreciate the value of selective accessories. Miranda has always concentrated on original creations of pure elegance: classical in look, eclectic in design, and always accessorizing and accentuating the positive physical attributes of her client.

From her tertiary-level studies, Miranda was able to expand her knowledge of various loom beading techniques, incorporating clothing designs, wire work and one of the newer products-Precious Metal Clay (PMC). She is fascinated by the soldering technique with copper, brass and sterling silver, using a mixed medium. She is also known for etching some of her metals, thus making the accessory speak to her style of pure elegance.