Zadd and Eastman Designs: Trinidad

Nigel EastmanZadd and Eastman Designs is a brand that has become  synonymous with cutting edge Caribbean fashion.  The duo, Omzad Khan and Nigel Eastman, has entered the realm of the fashion elite, bringing to the Caribbean fashion mosaic an unprecedented fusion of traditional and contemporary techniques to come up with a decidedly New World style.

Being of  different racial origins,  their platonic relationship is able to bring out the best through their interpretation of the multi-ethnic melting pot that is Trinidad and Tobago. Their emergence on the global scene sets the stage for a new-age runway couture, distinctive for their one-of-a-kind ready to wear hand painted pieces.Regardless of style and design, Zadd and Eastman are two patriots who always revel in Caribbean hues, truly maintaining that Caribbean aesthetic, yet reflecting that signature Zadd and Eastman brand.