Noreen Phillips – Noreen Phillips Couturière : Antigua

Noreen PhilipsIf the Devil was wearing Prada, Angels around the universe are now exclusively wearing Noreen Phillips. A former fashion model who was born in St. Vincent and residing in Antigua, Phillips now designs a line of clothing that is part Carnival, part Park Avenue. Noreen Phillips Couturiere is a globally acclaimed fashion powerhouse who believes that women’s alluring attire should reflect elegance and “drop-dead glamour.”

Noreen Phillips’ collection is the definition of chic – fashionably current, accessorized with timeless detail and globally seamless in place and time. Noreen’s fashions have graced the Caribbean fashion arena for two decades with an originality fused with visionary sophistication. With Noreen on the outside, a woman becomes THE woman – encircled in elegance, sex appeal and time-honored beauty.

Noreen Phillips is known for haute couture designs that reflect the Caribbean colors. Repeat customers stop by to be measured for custom-made designs. The couturière also includes Phillips’ pret-a-porter clothing (both casual and evening wear), hats, and handbags.